Felipe has lived in 10 cities on four continents. Felipe and Veronica have Lourdes, their daughter and three dogs: Fredo, Bono and Flora.

He has a varied professional experience of more than 17 years, in robotics, internet, international trade and investment project management.

«I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of the human being. We have made incredible progress in all areas of knowledge, but we face the greatest challenges: the sustainability of our society and the planet. I am convinced that the innovative capacity of the human being can achieve intelligent solutions that allow for personal wellbeing in harmony with others and nature. In Veronorte we want to participate in the creation and implementation of these solutions.»

Felipe is a Mechanical Engineer from EAFIT University (graduated summa cum laude). He holds a Master Degree in Web Communication from the European Institute of Design (Rome, Italy) and a Master in Business Administration from the University of Chicago with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and finance. He has attended several executive programs in Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking at Berkeley, Harvard and Stanford.

Felipe worked for AVG – Robotics in Los Angeles. In Germany, he worked for Siemens in Research and Development in Mechatronics. In Colombia, he was the commercial and strategic director of Indexcol. In Beijing, he was a Commercial Attache at the Embassy of Colombia in China and Director of Proexport’s office in China. At Pierson Capital, he worked in ​​new business development in Beijing and as a project manager in Mexico. He is a founding partner of Veronorte and serves as its Chief Investment Officer (CIO).