We believe humanity's greatest needs are the world's largest, untapped, market opportunities.

Sustainable Development

We invest in businesses that prosper in equilibrium with the environment or that mitigate climate-change effects.

Energy Transition

We envision a transformed energy system that supports electrified and decarbonized economies and lifestyles.

Future-aligned Agriculture

We seek to help enable a transition to a cleaner, healthier and more efficient agriculture system to sustainably meet a rapidly growing demand.

Clean & Smart Mobility

Our vision is a redefinition of the design and management of transportation systems to deliver a cleaner, more efficient and safer mobility.

Sustainable Wellbeing

We invest in businesses that improve people’s lives and societies, creating multidimensional wellness.

Democratization of Financial Services

We seek to help empower individuals and SMEs with education, innovative products and infrastructure to democratize offer and access to financial services, and achieve financial wellness.

Optimal Healthcare

Our goal is to reinvent how individuals and health organizations understand, achieve and maintain optimal health that result from a universally accessible and sustainable healthcare system.

Quality Education

We seek to empower society with new learning tools and models to fuel human potential and to assure high-quality life-long learning and productivity.