Our business principles are statements to establish our priorities and guide our decisions.

We are transparent

We are tremendously honest and communicate directly to build strong human relationships.

We care about our communities and the environment

Our mission and our investment thesis seek to create the best #SharedFuture. We are committed to our region to accelerate sustainable development and wellbeing.

We are consistent

All investment decisions are made under our investment thesis criteria, following our chosen methodologies and portfolio structure. This way ensures that we construct portfolios that can meet their objectives.

We are objetive

Our analysis is fundamental, as quantitative as possible, and we are thorough in all due diligence processes. We follow a process and sequence of filters designed to prevent personal and cognitive biases from influencing the quality of decisions.

We are aligned with all our stakeholders

Any profit obtained by Veronorte, is a result of profit-share mechanisms agreed with our investors. As a result, we do not obtain profits if our investors don't. Also, Veronorte shares its profits with the whole team, not just its partners or shareholders.